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now good morning maryland. >> all new since 11:00, a fast moving fire moves through a mount vernon apartment. the factor winds played in the city's largest outbreak of fires. it's that often international debate. the burning of korans. what is at stake this morning and the reprecushions the united states could face should a florida pastor go through with his promise. >> and sometimes rescuers have to go through all sorts of lengths to save people. this flooding was something. we're going to show you how they had to use more than just boateds. 6:30 in the morning.
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i'm megan pringle. jamie is off today, but linette is here and she is standing by. a little cool. >> a little cool. that cold front moved through and we are feeling the effects of it. you are talking about the windy conditions. we had that yesterday. that's what sparked up all the fires along with the dry conditions and we will see the same conditions for today. so today is going to be nice and pleasant. we'll have temperatures in the upper 70s. and hopefully we'll get rain in here by the weekend. i know you don't like the timing of the rain, but we need it. that enhanced risk is going to continue as we go into saturday. maryland's most powerful radar is not showing anything except the five sweeps because we are looking at dry times for today and that will continue as we go through tomorrow as well. now as we see, the current conditions, the big story. you see those winds? let's go straight to northeast, north bay. you can see the westerly flow, that gust up to 27 miles an hour right now and that's what
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we will be seeing as we go throughout the day. those gusts and frederick has a west wind now gusting up to about 12 miles an hour and then into annapolis, we have a west wind now gusting up to 18 miles an hour. so again, we could have the threats of more fires. i'll talk more about that in your seven-day forecast coming up. let's get a check on the traffic with kim brown. >> it's looking good, linette. we don't have any problems on any of the major roadways. the beltway is checking in smooth, as is the 95 corridor. no problems at the tunnel. however, we are working a couple things around baltimore city. as we look at the beltway, traffic is moving pretty well. we usually see brake lights, but it is going to slow up a bit as you approach liberty road. right now in baltimore city, we are working an accident at marabia. traffic lights still out at northern parkway and charles street and expect road closures as they continue to clean up from yesterday's fire activity
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and no real problems with our drive times, jfx looks good as does the 95 corridor. megan, back to you. >> 6:33 right now. it has become a national debate to burn or not to burn. a pastor in florida wants to set the koran on fire on the 9th anniversary of september 11. as you can imagine, leaders here in baltimore are speaking out. sherrie johnson joins us live in the studio with more on this story. >> it's a big controversial topic. the pastor of a small church in florida said he will go forward with his plan to burn copies of the koran on saturday. now the head of a baltimore islamic group says terri jones plan shows a misunderstanding of his religion and a disrespect for all religions. he says in his home, the koran is well respected and he worries that people in muslim countries might see images of the koran's burning and assume most americans agree with what terri jones plans to do and he hopes cooler heads will preveil across the muslim world and in
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gainesville, florida. political leaders have also criticized the plan. military leaders say it would put troops in more danger. >> i really can't ignore that he has a religious message and it's the message of hate. >> they would use them to inflame public opinion and insight violence against our soldiers and civilians. >> now in addition to saturday being the anniversary of the september 11 attacks, friday is the last day of romadon. one of the holiest days on the muslim calendar. abc2 news. the story is generating a lot of reaction on our website, so we would like you to weigh in. go to or our facebook fan page. taking a look at headlines, the remnants of tropical storm hermine caused widespread flooding in texas. the swift water rescue team was called in and they were able to rescue several people and a dog from an apartment complex in arlington. look at this video.
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the apartment complex flooded when the trinity river went over its banks. fast moving water knocked down fences, carried away cars, trampolines, even storage sheds. authorities say at least two people were killed. hermine is the third tropical storm to hit the area this year. one woman ended up after a fight in toledo. the 11-year-old, her mom, the two of them went to the hair salon. when she told them it would be a 45 minute wait. she went outside, but the stylist ended up taking alyssa early and trimmed her bangs. her mom was not satisfied with the trim and that's when things turned ugly. >> she said she didn't appreciate it because she wanted to be there and the girl had said that we aren't anybody's babysitter. >> a customer called 911. police say the salon manager was defending herself because
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the child's mother punched her in the face. both the mom and manager received cuts and bruises and had to be treated at an area hospital. police in grand rapids, michigan, have all the evidence they need. they fought and she yelled and he ran out the door. leaving his wallet with all of his information on the floor. he guilty away with her purse and all the money she had. he was treated for minor injuries. police have not yet arrested him, but they know where they can find him. they stopped working in france. it's not a national holiday, workers there are upset about major changes to their pension. a singer known for his sexy abs will be coming. we'll tell you about this and where you can get tickets and when. we'll be right back. man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us.
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20 minutes away from 7:00 right now. looking at news around the world. thousands of workers in france are on strike. the country's labor unions called for the stoppages against government in plans to change people's pensions. the law seeks to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. across the country, rail services, subways, airports, all operating at limited capacity. here you can see firemen climbing historic statues and chanting down the president. two newborn pandas came to the latest. they are hairless, but that will change. little pink twins were born to a giant panda. they were the first born in madrid since 1982. it will be a first f u days before veterinarians can
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determine their gender. the cubs took turns nursing. >> it's hard to tell they're pandas. busy day for baltimore city fire crews as high winds made their jobs difficult. >> flames rip through a dozen row homes. i'm linda so. the extra help firefighters needed to get everything under control. > a man is in a coma. his family asking for your help to find out what put him in the hospital -- who put him in the hospital. and green lasers you see at the beach, there are huge hazards to area pilots. why fun and games can land you in jail.
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i'm megan pringle for your abc2 news to go this morning. fire crews hopefully had a good night sleep after an exhausting day, fighting at least two four- alarm fires. this one was one that was happening late last night in mount vernon. high winds there fanned the flames, making it difficult and putting firefighters at risk. linda so will join us live in a minute, first, we want to get
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to the weather with meteorologist, linette charles. what's going on? >> what's going on, we have the winds out there. it's going to be very dry. the relative humidity is low today. so we could see a repeat of what we got yesterday with those fires. we definitely do have a high risk of it once again. check out the winds right now. they are sustained winds. it's the gusts that might get us. i'm thinking we'll gust up to 25 to 30 miles an hour and these sustained winds will pick up throughout the day. i say about 10 to 15 miles an hour. right now we are at 8 into baltimore. sustained winds, say that fast three times, at 7-miles per hour and york is at 5. so we'll talk more about that and the dry air coming up. right now, let's head over to traffic with kim brown. >> most of our activity happening in baltimore city, a pair of accidents to let you know about. another crash lingers at polasky highway. no problems around the beltway, so you will see some minor
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delay delays start to creep in. we'll get a check on the travel times in a few minutes. >> 6:46 right now. in the morning, baltimore city fire crews had been working overtime dealing with multiple fires and here is video of the most recent one. a viewer sent us this video. shut down a fire. the flames were shooting up near charles and madison streets. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night, spread to the building next door. the flames were tough because they were fanned by difficult winds. no word on what caused it. we will keep you posted. >> that was just one of the fires that made a tough day for city drews. working these fires, crews had to come from howard county to help out. most of the fires happened in west baltimore and the latest in mount vernon, the one we just showed you. let's go to linda. >> you know these fires were so bad, that they had to call
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in help. we hearing firefighters from dc also came in to help. here in the city, more than 100 firefighters were needed to put out these flames that were fueled by those gusty winds. fast moving flames tore through at least a dozen row homes throughout the city. the first fire broke out at around 5:30 yesterday afternoon in the 1300 block of north calhoun street. three row homes caught on fire and as firefighters were attempting to put out those flames, another five row homes caught fire and then a block away, flames shot through several other row homes. >> the flames started over here in the old funeral home building and they just -- flames ripped across the street. it was burning lots of grass. everything. burning the houses on the end. it didn't look like it was going to come over to my house, but it did. >> that woman there says she lost everything in the fire,
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including her pet cat. the red cross is helping families displaced by the fire. we're live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> the union representing baltimore city fire figgers linking all these fires to their on going labor concerns. local 737 sent abc2 news a letter. in part it reads, just about every baltimore firefighter on duty is currently on calhoun or north kerry street in west baltimore. time for the mayor and city council to fully fund the fire department. baltimore city fire department is operating under a system of rotating closures. charges this morning in a deadly fire we told you about yesterday in columbia. police say that damon white stabbed his ex-wife before intentionally setting fire to the apartment. he has been charged with homicide and arson. police say that white is in the
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hospital in critical, but stable condition at shock trauma. when he's released, he'll be taken into police custody. >> baltimore county family hopes that craigslist and abc2 news will help provide some answers in the critical injury of a loved one. bobby ross was the victim of a hit-and-run back in august. it happened at gilford and center streets. the driver stopped, but then sped off. three weeks later now and ross is still in a coma and the family is left with plenty of questions, but absolutely no answers. not even from those witnesses, not from police. just this week, they started posting craigslist ads, hoping that someone can help them figure out who did this and why they never stopped. >> someone saw something that can come forward or they note person that did this and they can come forward. >> the doctors are unsure of ross' future. they say that he suffered serious brain damage and right
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now he can barely communicate. ten minutes away from 7:00 right now. prosecutors say a 14-year-old girl charged as an adult shooting death of a man. she has been indicted on that murder charge. a grand jury indicted arkisha of baltimore. he was charged back on august 24 in the death of jose. police said that pulled a gun and another man that were sitting on the stoop. she announced it was a robbery. both men laughed because of her age and she ended up shooting them. the other victim suffered a graze wound. ocean city authorities found the body of a missing swimmer. 23-year-old delgado disappeared. yesterday, the state's medical examiner identified the man as the missing man from
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washington, d.c. time now is 6:51. authorities in new jersey are seeking to suspend or revolt the medical license of a doctor accused of referring patients to maryland to complete late term abortions. doctor steven has already been sited for practicing medicine without a license in maryland. the new jersey attorney's general office is now their office filed a complaint of accusing him. new jersey authorities accuse the doctor of initiating abortions for three patients in new jersey and leaving hem to maryland where the procedures were concluded. marylanders are taking advantage of early voting, but today is the last day for you to do it. if you plan on doing it, kick it off. 36 early voting sites spread across the state. the maryland primary is set for next tuesday, september 14. baltimore county police are taking aim at the dangers
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associated with those green laser pointers. pilots here in the baltimore area had become the target of those lasers. they say that it's incredibly dangerous because they create a blinding effect, which is obvious lay bad thing when you're flying in the air. they say it is damaging for the eyes. one person described what it was like, looking for an armed robber. >> i can tell you firsthand that i was very disorienting. >> the offense is not taken lightly. if you are caught, you could face charges of reckless endangerment. second-degree assault and the misuse of a laser. >> business really takes off at bwi. listen to the. more 2 million passengers passed through. that's an all-time record for the airport. it's the largest airline southwest that they helped fuel the record with more than a
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million passengers. airtran airways is the second leading carrier, counting 400,000 travelers. passenger traffic increased about 13%, they say, or rather 13 out of the 14 months out of bwi. pop star, usher, announced that he is going to be making a stop in baltimore. he will perform at first mariner arena on wednesday, december 8. the original will be promoting verses and extension of his album. tickets go on sale next friday. if you would hike a preview. usher will be performing on measuring tv. a pennsylvania beer is featuring some maryland locations in its latest ad. shot a series of four tv commercials. the commercials made their world premier yesterday and there was a cell brailings at long beach tavern, which is one of the locations featured in the ad. all right, the national aquarium will announce the list
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of its new baby puffin. they had a list of what the names were going to be and we are going to be live to catch all the excitement. the puffin was born two months ago and marks the second success pfl one to hatch at the aquarium. they had five names that you could vote from. here are the names. al, cliff, cress, phil, and vinnie. so this morning we are going to find out which name the puffin will be called. we'll feature that at 9:00. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, everyone. it is thursday and we are looking at the moisture. the measure of the air is the dew point temperature and you know what? we are looking at doe points. that is dry air westside we head into charleston, that's
6:55 am
oppressive air. we are coupe ling it with the winds, 8 in baltimore, 7 in frederick. they will be picking up at 10 to 15 miles an hour sustained and gusts to 25, 30-mile pes an hour. that will enhance our fire threat for today. high pressure, canadian highs are going to dry to drop dop. we are gouge to be on the front farm on the other side of the front. really not doing. >> questioning. as we go into time here, we are gouge to be pleaing of sunshine. here's your forecast for tonight, temperature coming in at 56 degrees and then by  tomorrow, we'll be right around 77 degrees and the seven-day forecast looks really, really good. we'll be looking at rain. how is traffic? >> you will see some slowing a little bit sluggish between white marsh boulevard. as we look here, this is going
6:56 am
to be the vw parkway, jeep sus slow already. just expect some delays as you make your way towards had 95. as we look at our mash, we have a crash reported at middletown road. our drive times are gouge to be up slightly and we have a crash reported in baltimore city. xfect some road closures around the scene. the fire activity around charles madison, lawrence, and calhoun street and the traffic lights remain out. megan. >> all right, remember we will see you in 25 minutes. in the meantime, we'll send you to new york for good morning america. don't forget about good morning maryland at 9:00. we'll see you then. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-dooooo!
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